A downloadable game for Windows

A game that I made for the De Space Game Jam with Lua and Love2D.
Theme : More Than One Dimension

You're God ! Yeah that's right...
You're creating the Universe and you're doing ok...
But Holy fudge ! You just made a division by zero and created a blackhole !!
Ok, don't panic and shut your fudging mouth !
Use the arrow keys to move the blackhole
In each phase, you have to make the object of the right dimension fall into the blackhole

There are 2 endings.

Credits :  
BlackHole picture : myself
Other pictures has been taken from internet
background picture : Reptile Theme of Mortal Kombat

NB : it's a big zip because of the wav file


anotherDimension.zip 127 MB

Install instructions

Download it. Unzip it. Run the exe file. Play it. Enjoy it.