A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Last November, I try to be part of the Game Off

Unfortunately, I had some trouble with the publishing. Finally I succeed and can offer you my work with nearly 2 months of delay...

The theme was "throwback". When I think about throwback, first I think something your throw at me then I throwback at you. But I'm no English native so I didn't know about the interpretation of nostalgia. And then I thought about my early years when I was a child with my SNES and one my favourite games Donkey Kong Country. 

So here it is,  you have to throwback a baril to Donkey Kong with only a machete. Yes you are Jason Voorhees because it's in the same decade and I like the hockey mask. You can have the sprite though : 

Press left and right to move. Press space to slash the baril.



donkeyThrowback.zip 3.7 MB

Install instructions

Download it. Unzip it. Run the exe file. Play it. Enjoy it.