A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

It's a game I've made for the Ludum Dare Game Jam 39.
The theme was Running Out Of Power.

I've made it for the Compo. So it's all by myself, graphics and code in just 48 hours. Actually, it took me about 12 hours because of the sleeping, the family and all that stuff... I'm really happy about my game. It's my second Ludum Dare project. But it's my first complete project with menu, levels and an end.

Your job is to harvest oil all around the world.
Arrow keys to move, d key to drill, t key to teleport to another place/world, e key to extract the precious final energy source.
You have to do this without "Running out of Power" ;-)


03/09/2017 : 
Following the end of the rate of the LD39, I decided to implement some new features in my game. So here it is, HarvestAndExtract Version 2.0.
Enjoy again ;-)


HarvAndExtr Game.zip 3.8 MB
HarvAndExtr Sources.zip 521 kB
HarvestExtractV2.zip 4.1 MB
HarvestExtractV2_source.zip 13 kB

Install instructions

Download it. Unzip it. Run the exe file (or love file for mac). Play it. Enjoy it.